1: Maltot

2: Marigny

3: Rouen

Operation "TITANIC" involved 29 Halifaxes and Stirlings of Nos 90, 138, 149 and 161 Squadrons carrying out deception operations by dropping miniature dummy parachutists, pyrotechnic devices & large quantities of Window(*) to simulate airborne assaults near Rouen, Maltot and Marigny far away from the D-Day landing areas.

Note: 2 aircraft were lost during this operation (2 aircraft of No 149 Squadron), Stirling III LK385 OJ-'C' (crew buried at Baudre) and

Stirling III LJ621 OJ-'M' (who crashed in French Department of Calvados),
Pilot Officer W H MAYO (died)
Flight Sergeant J MacFARLANE (died)
Sergeant H J MATHER (died)
Flight Sergeant R PARKER (died)
Sergeant F C HEAL (Prisoner of War)
Flight Sergeant H F MUNDAY RAAF (died)
Warrant Officer G C C HOLMES (died)
Sergeant J A W NIND RCAF (Evaded)
Sergeant B WYNNE-COLE (Prisoner of War)


(*) Window: radar-reflective metal foil to increase the size of the force seen on the radar.

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